Why Concentric

Concentric Market™ helps you solve the marketing challenges you face. Our system enables cross-functional teams to design integrated marketing strategies that go beyond simple media plans and to optimize the entire brand experience


It’s fastercomprehensive, and more affordable than most companies’ current approach to developing marketing strategy.

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The Concentric Market Advantage

Concentric Market™ combines predictive power and ease of use to help you connect your marketing plans to ROI. Our friendly user interface guides you through a few simple steps to enter your data, market parameters and segments. Our state-of-the-art market simulation combines behavioral science and machine learning to predict outcomes with stunning accuracy. Our scenario testing module and reporting engine let you ask the questions that really matter, and give you the evidence you need to become a better decision maker. Best of all, you can test your ideas in minutes, not months – which lets you explore and compare many more strategies than has ever been possible.

Develop the questions, define the market, establish the timeline and select the parameters for the model.



Frame the analysis around a business question.

Agent-based modeling simulates the micro-interactions that lead to the macro-behavior that we observe in the world.



Combine all of your data, insights, and models in one planning platform.

To build a valid and useful model, our users identify a set of initial conditions. The software then forecasts based on those settings and compares the forecasts to the real-world metrics.



Ensure that the simulation is matching the behavior of the real-world market.

Analyze sales, brand, and word-of-mouth metrics by competitor and consumer segment.



Attribute paid, owned, and earned media simultaneously. Minimize the difference between simulated forecasts and observed measurements.

Introduce new products and competitors, test media and creative plans, prepare for PR and viral events.



Test your ideas before you launch by forecasting results.

Keep everyone up-to-date about the outcome of your simulations and changes to the Marketing Strategy.



Observe from the analysis which strategies and decisions lead to business success.

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