We are a software company
that develops Concentric Market®,
a simulation application that
helps you design the right
go-to-market strategy.

Concentric Market® forecasts your outcomes.


Almost all data analytics today are backwards-looking. With Concentric Market® you will manage the uncertainty of the future, so that you focus on what comes next, not on what already happened.

  • Forecasted market trends
  • Quantified risk and uncertainty
concentric market
concentric unity

Concentric Market® unifies your analytics.


Currently your data and analysis are likely separate and partial. Concentric Market® is the only alternative that integrates and accounts for any information about a market that you may have available.

  • Connected information for all analysis
  • Complete analysis of all trade-offs

Concentric Market® speeds you up.


Currently it may take months to answer a question about your market. With Concentric Market® you will streamline your process, so that you answer new questions in minutes rather than months.

  • Fast turnaround of results
  • Frequent ability to answer questions
concentric speed

I need to run
my analyses
faster and

I need to
advance my

I need to
manage my
brands and
products better.