Concentric Market® is an advanced analytics platform that empowers business leaders to make smarter strategic decisions through rapid
what-if forecasting.

concentric unity

Unify your fragmented analytics.


In most organizations, data is incomplete and kept in siloes.  Concentric Market® serves as a centralized platform to integrate your finance, operations and marketing analyses.

  • Connect company information
  • Collaborate with others

Forecast more accurately.


Most sales forecasts are manually created and have a high level of uncertainty.  Concentric Market® forecasts human behavior to deliver a comprehensive and accurate demand forecast.

  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Respond to market changes in real time
concentric market

Accelerate your reporting.


Getting to decisions often takes weeks or months of analysis. Concentric Market® runs thousands of what-if scenarios in minutes and delivers actionable reports – not just insights.

  • Actionable reports
  • Automated process
concentric speed

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