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About Us


The what-if platform analytics trailblazers are using

to answer their most complex business questions.

About Us

Trustworthy, Actionable

What-If Answers in Real-Time

Imagine a day where what if questions are spoken into a microphone and in real-time a new scenario forecast is visualized on screen. Teams are empowered to make data-driven decisions with a feeling of confidence on what the best path forward is.

Our vision is to enable transformation with an augmented intelligence
platform that delivers trustworthy, actionable what-if answers in real-time.

Go Further, Faster in 
Your Analytics Journey

We are your partner in transformation. Our platform is the catalyst. 
Our team is there for you throughout your entire journey – able to 
deliver as much or as little service as you need. We deliver an 
end-state powered by software and we promise to get you there.

Our purpose is to empower people and
organizations to reach their greatest potential.

We Are a Software Company

We've developed a market-centric predictive analytics platform for scenario planning and always-on decision support.

We Are Avid Learners

We are a group of Ph.D's, mathematicians, data scientists, developers and students of human decison-making.

We Make the Complex, Simple

 We are experts at turning highly complex, manual processes into automated software experiences.


A Better Way to Understand the Future

Our CEO Greg Silverman has always been fascinated with human behavior. He studied people and organizational planning for his entire career. There was one thing that he consistently saw: people wanted a better way to understand the future. After spending a decade helping organizations answer their questions about brand valuation, Greg wanted to give people more confidence in their decisions about what to do next. Concentric is what came next. 

Change the Way
the World Works

We believe any problem is solvable through collaboration
and creating a unified view of how the world works. 
Today our software brings together marketing, finance, 
product and supply chain teams to solve strategic business 
problems. Our real ambition is to create megacommunities 
of cooperations, governments, NGOs and citizens to solve 
the world's most complex problems.

Our mission is to transform how people make decisions,
how companies succeed, how organizations evolve and how the world works.

Our Values Drive All Our Decisions

We value quality, efficiency, science – and kindness. Our employees live these values everyday.
Our customers stay with us because of these values.


We invent constantly to address unmet needs


We test obsessively to deliver what works


We aim to automate to make your job easier


We prioritize what is right
for humanity

Leadership Team

Andrey Anev


Chief Technology Officer

Emily Mower


VP of Data Science

John Pasinski


VP of Operations

Greg Silverman


Founder & CEO

Nicole Tumblin


VP of Customers


A New Crystal Ball to Predict Consumer and Investor Behavior

How This Company is Proving that the Future Of Business Analytics Lies with Rapid Simulation

Concentric CEO:
Connect With Society
at All Levels Of Business

We Understand How Hard It Is to Be Human

"Our technology helps people solve problems. We take away those feelings of anxiety and empower these people to create a whole new world. With confidence. With answers. Backed by the knowledge that they are doing the right thing. The way our society works has created skepticism, of each other and of information. Well, we have disrupted this skepticism cycle. We tell people the truth all day long, so they can deliver results and know they are honest. Never blink."

Greg Silverman, Founder and CEO

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Why Concentric?

Simulate a Unified View of Your Market

Concentric is the only market simulation platform that uses agent-based modeling to create a unified analysis of an entire market.

Build Trust Among Teams

Bridge the gap between business and analytics teams so everyone benefits.