Concentric Market® is a market simulator that will integrate your data, analytics, processes, and expertise, so you can better evaluate the past and forecast the future.

Jump Ahead


It took us more than a decade and a combined 100 FTE years to build Concentric Market®. Now, you can jump ahead and get access to a tried and tested simulation capability for your organization.


Keep your data in-house


You have all the data you need. If you have information about your marketing plan, consumer research, and sales data, you are ready to simulate your market. Any frequency, granularity, and format works.

Connect your analytics


Marketing mix modeling, multi-touch attribution, brand tracking, and social listening are all welcome inputs to Concentric Market®. No insight will go wasted. Concentric Market® will use all your current analytics to enhance its predictive power.

Be in charge


We are not consultants. We do not take your data and give you back an answer. We connect Concentric Market® to your data, analytics, and tools. You are in charge of the process.

You want to know the details


Call us today and have one of our scientists share how we integrate data, how our model works, and why we know it is valid. We will also readily share references from users in companies around the world who will tell you their experiences. Finally, we invite you to download our case studies, which highlight some of the business gains our users have realized.