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Systems Thinking: A Lesson From History On Strategic Decision Making

Assuming that “past performance will predict future behavior” is a textbook example of linear thinking.
Two recent economic and political situations illustrate deficiencies in linear thinking.[i] We thought the economy was going to continue to improve in 2008, mostly oblivious to the sub-prime mortgage lending crisis and the ensuing “Great Recession.”

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Introducing a more efficient Concentric Market®

I’m Alex, a member of the support team at Concentric. I was a part of the latest effort by the development and support teams to improve the user experience of Concentric Market®, which is a simulator of human behavior that organizations use to evaluate their past performance and to forecast their future outcomes. If you know the words simulator, human, behavior, and forecasting, but are not quite sure how they all fit together, don’t worry. Four months ago, I didn’t either.