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The Difference Between Complex and Difficult

Learning The Difference Between Complex and Difficult: A New User’s Journey In Learning Concentric Market

I remember back in 2015 when I first interviewed for Concentric, I found the company after being inspired by a book, Buyology, by Martin Lindstrom. In it, Martin Lindstrom describes the differences between what people think, what they say, and what they ultimately do.

Why Your Sales Forecasting Process Is Broken and How to Fix It In 2018

At this time of year, there is tremendous optimism for what lies ahead in the year to come, but also a high-level of uncertainty.  Most everyone in business is thinking “How will this turn out?”  “Will we meet our goals?” “We have a plan but will it deliver the sales we need?”  This ambiguity is most acute for the CFO, who often feels it’s a 50/50 shot to make their plan.  Accordingly, they create contingencies and reserves to account for variability.  Not only is this hedging a barrier to efficient resource allocation, it also creates stress throughout the organization that can hurt productivity and growth.

v.8.4 Concentric Market

Introducing a more efficient Concentric Market®

I’m Alex, a member of the support team at Concentric. I was a part of the latest effort by the development and support teams to improve the user experience of Concentric Market®, which is a simulator of human behavior that organizations use to evaluate their past performance and to forecast their future outcomes. If you know the words simulator, human, behavior, and forecasting, but are not quite sure how they all fit together, don’t worry. Four months ago, I didn’t either.