Stop Analyzing The Past -blog post

Why Marketers Should Stop Analyzing The Past

I used to produce the Interbrand Top 100 Brands Report.  It was a global review of the value of brands using a proprietary methodology.  We would cull nearly 3000 brands down to the top 100 by answering these questions: How strong was the brand?  What changes are affecting them?  What does the financial community think about their prospect?  The rankings would come out and there would be quite a bit of pride and frustration when CMO’s found out their position.  After nearly a decade of producing the report, I realized that while understanding the past was insightful it was not very useful.  Here is why.

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What Is New in Marketing Technology

Usually when one travels to London, you can expect gray, cold weather, marginal food, reserved people, and things that work quietly. At the Martech Europe conference this week, we had the opposite. Bright sunny days, very good food, upbeat people, and a presentation clicker that did not work. What was the attraction – catching up on the trends in Marketing Technology. In case you don’t have time to review the presentations here, below is a summary of the major themes.