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How Improv Classes Taught Me To Be Better At Analytics

When analytics is done in a silo, the breadth and depth of the analysis will be constrained to the experience and expertise within that silo.
We find that organizations get more effective answers when working collaboratively as part of a team. Some improvisation is required to define business questions more broadly and integrate a wider range of data and insights from across multiple disciplines.

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Shifting Gears: The New Requirements for the Automotive Industry

Years ago, I sent information via Telex, a tedious and expensive way to get our message out.
The day our first fax machine came in, I was ecstatic.  I could print a hard copy out and then lay it down and send it out.  All I had to endure was a high pitch eeeaaaah! and I was on my way.  Enter then email, text, sms, snapchat, kik, etc. The evolution was phenomenal, fast, and catastrophic to many businesses along the way.