The New Normal Is Now

By Greg Silverman, April 13, 2020

The pandemic continues to destroy and hurt. It’s a globally shared significant emotional event (SEE). Many people are wondering and asking, “When will we go back to normal?” We suggest that the new normal is already here because the SEE has been so impactful. So, let’s take a look at a few examples of what now does and does not look like:

  • We will not be stuck in our homes forever, but ideas about office space and      commuting have changed forever.
  • We will go back to events and gatherings, but we will need reassurance about the health of our communities before we do it.
  • Businesses will reopen, but the road to financial recovery will be slowed by tremendous debt burdens.
  • Services will flourish, but the role they play in our lives will change; some will be more important, some will be less.
  • The relationship between government, business, and society will be shifting from the need for freedoms and the requirements for more authority.

In a word, our world will be fluid. We won’t have time to study all the possibilities and we cannot stay in crisis mode forever. Instead, the new normal will be a continuously evolving environment where we must adapt to changes; changes that will affect consumer demand and the way brands respond to it.

Business decision-makers will need a new way to manage uncertainty and make informed decisions. The new normal will change the way organizations think and make decisions. They will need faster, better answers at lower costs than they have achieved to date. 

Concentric solves this problem with its simulation software. Our platform delivers a capability that allows brands to forecast human behavior and answer strategic what-if questions across a market. Concentric unites business users and analytics teams with a single collaborative process. The world has changed and it’s time to build new capabilities to match the new normal.