What’s New at Concentric: A Faster, End-to-End Advanced Analytics Solution

ConcentricProduct News What’s New at Concentric: A Faster, End-to-End Advanced Analytics Solution

What’s New at Concentric: A Faster, End-to-End Advanced Analytics Solution

When Concentric was founded eight years ago, we started with a model.  A model that could simulate human decision-making and as a result could more accurately forecast how an entire market would respond to any strategic business decision.
Since then we’ve continued to work to create a user experience that provides business leaders with a reliable way to answer their most pressing questions in matter minutes.
Today, we are excited to announce our end-to-end advanced analytics solution designed to accurately forecast the impact of any go-to-market decision.

What is the optimal investment level to hit our sales forecast?


What is the right go-to-market strategy to successfully launch a new product?


Which competitive positioning will win more market share?


How do we improve our customer experience, product features, portfolio optimization to drive growth?

These are all questions that typically take most organizations weeks or months to answer.  We’ve made the following product updates that now allow for these questions to be answered in minutes.

Data Warehouse Connectivity

Concentric Market® has always served as a centralized platform to unify an organization’s sales, marketing, customer and competitive intelligence.  Concentric users can now automatically update the model’s data inputs using the most recent data points available with a single click by connecting our platform directly to your company’s data warehouse.

Cloud Connectivity

Our platform now directly connects to cloud computing servers, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, to increase the speed at which a simulation is able to run from hours to minutes.

Seamless Data Exports

Data is only valuable when it can be easily visualized and delivered to decision-makers.  Concentric can be integrated with data visualization tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, so users can quickly generate a report and share insights across departments.
Interested in learning more? Visit our solutions page or click here to request to talk to one of our experts.

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