Our Mission

Concentric alters how people do their jobs, how companies succeed, how organizations evolve, and how the world works.


Concentric enables our users to achieve their potential, augmenting their intelligence with collaborative analytics.

Our Goal


We aim to deliver value to you through efficiency, quality, science, and kindness.


See below for what that means to us.


We prepare extensively to make your work seamless. We show up early and finish early. We minimize rework through transparency and inclusion.


We manage all of our work to quality, not time. We quality assure all we do. We strive for excellence, even when no one may notice.


We test hypotheses to make decisions. We put learning at the center of all process. We constantly inquire, measure, and estimate.


We constantly seek ways to be of service. We assume the best in people. We are patient and compassionate, as our science may be new to you. We share, constantly.

Our Team


Alex Sheehan

Support Coordinator


Alex enjoys using his background in history and psychology to figure out new ways to improve the customers' journeys with Concentric Market®, and always is grateful to hear new thoughts and perspectives.


"Concentric Market is a way to better understand the relationships between ourselves, others, and our surroundings. By having the ability to more accurately discern people's activities and behaviors, we can interact more meaningfully with the world in which we live."

Andrey Anev

Andrey Anev



Andrey has been with Concentric since the beginning. An expert in artificial intelligence, economics and software development, Andrey designs Concentric's technologies to empower our users. He has over 15 years of experience in building predictive instruments for the Marketing, Pharma, Health Care, Telco, and Oil and Gas industries.


"Concentric Market is where I can apply science to build an augmented intelligence platform. It is elating to make a product that transforms how organizations make strategic decisions."


Ann Marie Dumais

Board Member


Ann Marie has a successful track-record in identifying and launching new products and services specific to the information, technology and innovation spaces.


"Concentric Market is the fountain of insights that for decades marketers have been thirsty for. It brings me great joy to be a part of a team that is helping to quench that thirst and make a difference in the world!"

Carolyn Potter

Carolyn Potter



Carolyn is the go-to person for anything related to the company's finances and benefit programs. She has been with Concentric since the company began, bringing seventeen years of experience to the team.


"As a finance person, I know how important accurate forecasts are. Every time a customer shares the accuracy results of their Concentric Market model, I know they have gained the confidence required to make the best strategic decision."

daryl luk

Daryl Luk

VP of Quality


Daryl is responsible for releasing Concentric Market® with the best possible quality for our customers. He has decades of enterprise software development and quality assurance experience. He loves developing software as art work and also is fascinated about how the human mind works.


"Concentric Market is a product created by a very committed team putting many hours of hard work. I like working on it as it helps organizations leverage their information to answer business questions and understand the world in which they operate better."

dejan duzevik

Dejan Duzevik

Chief Product Officer


Dejan's background is in artificial intelligence and international relations. He has been making simulations of human dynamics for more than 15 years. Today, he is working on a future in which the scientific method aids personal, organizational, and global action.


"Working on Concentric Market is a dream come true. I believe it has the potential to minimize the unintended consequences of actions concerning people, markets, and our planet. I come to work each day excited to work on a revolutionary technology with the most talented and kind people I know."

Eric chandler

Eric Chandler

Software Developer


Eric hunts for bugs in Concentric Market® and has begun to write a bit of it too. Having never hunted in real life, he imagines the thrill is similar to uncovering a systematic bias deep within a complex algorithm.


"Concentric Market keeps surprising me by leveraging the tiniest effort on my part into vast power and control. When I talk about what it means to me, I usually launch into agent based modeling and criticisms of traditional economics, but it's the little wins that I enjoy the most."

Greg Silverman B&W

Greg Silverman

Founder and CEO


Before Concentric, Greg was Global Managing Director, Analytics and Valuation, for Interbrand. Greg received his BBA in Marketing and Retail from the University of Georgia and his MS in Management from Georgia State University.


"Concentric Market helps people. It enables our users to achieve their potential, augmenting their intelligence with collaborative analytics."

Jeff_Hermann - Concentric

Jeff Herrmann

Board Member


Jeff is a highly-experienced executive, entrepreneur, investor, and coach with a track-record in building successful software companies.


"Until now, success in marketing has been more of an art than a science. I was blown away by Concentric Market's usefulness in accurately predicting market behavior. It's a breakthrough that can create tremendous business value."


Jerry  Weinstein

Board Member


Jerry had 35 years with Whirlpool Corporation including executive experience bringing products to market and running billion dollar global businesses.


"Throughout my career, I tried to do what Concentric Market does. But without the tool, I was frustrated and the problems were intractable. To anyone working in this space, Concentric Market will seem like a miracle and provide an immeasurable advantage."

jonh pasinski

John Pasinski

VP of Analytics


John is our leading analytics expert working with teams using Concentric Market® to ensure they are able to solve problems for their organizations. He applies his background in engineering, risk management, and analytics every day to further enhance simulation.


"I like helping customers use Concentric Market, because I believe that it extends human intuition on how markets work, and empowers organizations to find solutions to problems that were once seen as intractable."


Nicole Tumblin

VP of Sales


Nicole focuses on solving problems for future customers and helping them evaluate Concentric Market. Having spent time as a sales rep, enablement professional, and sales leader, she is working to build a sales team centered around discovering the customer's business goals.


"Creating awareness with our customers about a technology they previously could only dream about, really ignites the passion I already had for selling software and makes me excited to come to work every day."

Nikolay Mikov

Nikolay Mikov

Senior Software Developer


Nikolay has been working as a software engineer for a decade before joining Concentric. He comes to work motivated to deliver quality and proficiency in his daily work.


"Concentric Market to me is an opportunity to be part of a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to the mission of creating a product that solves hard real-world problems with computer science."

Paolo Gaudiano - Concentric

Paolo Gaudiano

Board Member and Co-Founder


Paolo is Founder and CEO of Aleria, a SaaS platform quantifying the business value of diversity. He is also Director of Quantitative Studies of Diversity & Inclusion at CUNY. Paolo was on the founding team of Concentric Market when it was first spun out of Icosystem, a leader in the theory and application of complexity science.


"I am delighted that we are finally proving the value Concentric Market® making highly accurate predictions for major corporations. The future of marketing analytics is finally here!"

Susan Gerrow

Susan Gerow

VP of Operations


Susan makes sure Concentric runs smoothly. She is our team expert in intellectual property and licensing. Susan has more than thirty years of experience in the Massachusetts high-tech community. She has been a part of the Concentric team since its beginning and has embraced her new role in operations.


"Concentric Market has been answering customer business questions for many years and this team still celebrates each customer success story. I love being part of the story."

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