Our Mission

Concentric alters how people do their jobs, how companies succeed, how organizations evolve, and how the world works.

Concentric enables our users to achieve their potential, augmenting their intelligence with collaborative analytics.

Our Goal

We aim to deliver value to you through efficiency, quality, science, and kindness.

See below for what that means to us.


We prepare extensively to make your work seamless. We show up early and finish early. We minimize rework through transparency and inclusion.


We manage all of our work to quality, not time. We quality assure all we do. We strive for excellence, even when no one may notice.


We test hypotheses to make decisions. We put learning at the center of all process. We constantly inquire, measure, and estimate.


We constantly seek ways to be of service. We assume the best in people. We are patient and compassionate, as our science may be new to you. We share, constantly.


Andrey Anev
Andrey Anev

Chief Technology Officer

dejan duzevik
Dejan Duzevik

Chief Product Officer

jonh pasinski
John Pasinski

VP of Analytics

Greg Silverman - Founder and CEO
Greg Silverman

Founder and CEO

Melissa Todisco - VP of Marketing
Melissa Todisco

VP of Marketing

Nicole Tumblin - VP of Sales
Nicole Tumblin

VP of Sales

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