Concentric helps organizations deploy simulation within their environments.

Our mission

With the proliferation of new media types, the explosion of available data, the rising influence of social networks, a general desire to reduce advertising spend, and the increasing number of new product failures, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to pick strategies that produce desired outcomes.

In this turbulent and fragmented environment, Concentric is on a mission to bring a new science to marketing that is expressed through simulation. Our goal is to become the global leader in simulation by designing a product and experience that allows users to build better marketing strategies faster than any other option available.

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Your benefits

Our mission delivers specific benefits to your company.


Integrate data and insights currently used in isolation.


Test strategies before launching in the real world.

Better results

Get answers more frequently, affordably, and accurately.


Concentric is being regularly mentioned in major US publications

Understanding attribution from the inside out (ExchangeWire)

Attribution is a term that means all things to all people; but its complexity is often misunderstood. In this feature, ExchangeWire speak with Paolo Gaudiano, founder and CEO, Infomous, and attribution expert in his capacity as board member of attribution specialist, Concentric. Gaudiano explains how a ‘concentric’ approach to attribution is much more effective in understanding the individual and how that understanding can be scaled into marketing strategies.

Phoenix Strategic Advisors Announces Strategic Alliance with Concentric (PRWeb)

Through this alliance, colleges and universities will benefit from Concentric’s agent-based modeling method to synthesize large data sets, and to apply the same strategic decision-making and predictive analytics frameworks available to business and industry. At the same time, the growth strategy advisors at Phoenix will help to advance the profile and prestige of higher education systems that, in recent years, have been buffeted by demographic and economic change, and new technological demands.

Havas Cracks Social Code, Develops Method To Attribute ROI (Media post)

``We don't think there's a silver bullet,`` Katrin Ribandt said. And probably not a single methodology for measuring the ROI impact of all platforms in the digital space. But Ribant believes Havas, working with data cruncher Concentric, has reached a milestone on the road to more accurate ROI measurement across digital channels that are higher up in the purchase funnel than search.

Why Most Marketers Will Fail In The Era Of Big Data (Forbes)

There is a new approach evolving that I call simulation marketing in which machines, rather humans, analyze data. Concentric uses an altogether different approach called agent-based modeling in which they simulate not consumers, but entire markets. This allows marketers to come up with “what if” scenarios and test them virtually rather than in-market. Its models have proven to be over 90% accurate.

Mars Advertising And Concentric Software Announce New Partnership (Mars Agency)

Today MARS Advertising, a leading shopper marketing company, announces an exciting new global partnership with Concentric, the leader in agent-based modeling (ABM) software applications for marketing simulations.

You are not average, as some advertisers think (Wired)

Rather than looking for averages and other statistical patterns, it is possible to mimic human decision-making processes in order to draw much better conclusions about how individuals behave and respond to external influences.

Why The Future Of Innovation Is Simulation (Forbes)

Ten years ago maybe one in twenty prospective clients had heard about agent-based simulation. Today it’s about one in five. Ten years from now you’ll be able to buy shrink-wrapped agent-based simulation software at Staples. That’s why the future of innovation is simulation. Whereas before, we would sit amongst ourselves, decide how the world might work and test our ideas in the market, now we can test them in a virtual environment built by real world data at much lower levels of cost and risk.

Simulations, Customer Journeys, and the Link Between What Could Happen and What Did Happen (Net-Savvy)

We start to see the potential of forcing analytics out of their comfortable silos. Agent-based models offer a tool for understanding how things might (not will) play out under different scenarios, including the possible outcomes of different marketing strategies.

Nielsen Partners for Marketing Simulation Offer (MrWeb)

The global strategic alliance matches Concentric's agent-based simulation technology with Nielsen's massive data assets and expertise, to help optimise clients' ad campaigns. Nielsen says its new simulation offering 'will replicate consumer and marketplace conditions, including earned, paid and owned media, competitive activity, product features, consumer perceptions and word-of mouth to mimic real-world marketplace dynamics.' Clients will run possible strategies through the simulation to see which generates the strongest return.