Manage the uncertainty of your future

No one can predict the future. But Concentric Market helps you choose the best strategy before executing it. You will be always-on with reliable attribution and consistent forecasts. You will test and evaluate ideas in minutes, whenever you need to make a decision.

Forecast better


Concentric Market® uses the latest technologies of forecasting human behavior, so that you can manage the uncertainty of diverse consumers and constantly changing markets. Your forecasts and risk analysis will match the best-in-class financial projections.

Be always on


Take control of your future. Concentric Market® enables your team, with your expertise, to test your own ideas. No need for an additional contract approval with an outside service provider. We help you leverage the data you have to build expertise in-house.

You will be in good company


Executives at Netflix, Microsoft, Toyota, and Whirlpool choose Concentric Market® because it is the only technology available that helps them manage the uncertainty of their markets. We have dozens of case studies across industries. We have happy users worldwide who are ready to share the value they get from our approach.


Join us.