Leave mix modeling to the past using Market Simulation

Marketing Mix modeling vs Market Simulation

Extend your model and gain additional insights.

Concentric Market™ is designed to either replace the need for a marketing mix model and produce the equivalent results or to use Marketing Mix Modeling outputs as another input into the system.

Develop accurate forecasts in support of multi-year scenario planning.

Create forecasts by segment, by region, and by competitor.

Test product development and product launches in terms of sales and brand metrics.

Produce detailed plans on a national, regional, or DMA level.

Using Marketing Mix Modeling?

Create long-term consumer trend analyses for brands and brand portfolios.

Evaluate the role of products, word-of-mouth, creative, and messaging.

Long-term Forecasting

If you are interested in long term effects, 5-10 year horizons, 

Market Simulation can forecast the likely evolution of your market.

The key distinction is that marketing mix analyzes a single brand’s activity in aggregate, while agent-based simulation recreates a brand’s marketplace based on individual consumer actions.

Agent-based simulation provides the capability to answer a broader set of strategic questions about resource allocation than MMM.

MMM vs Market Simulation

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- Frmr VP Global Business Management, Gillette/P&G

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