Do more

Go from months of analysis to minutes working with Concentric Market®. Don’t re-invent the wheel for every answer. Leverage a proven application and answer all of your stakeholders’ questions as soon as they arise.

Find time


With the automated calibration in Concentric Market® you spend less time fitting models and more time thinking about markets.

An automated attribution analysis cuts down months of work with a click of a button.

Our data integrations free you up to do analysis, rather than data cleaning.


Work at the cutting edge


Concentric Market® puts agent-based modeling, behavioral economics, network science, marketing analytics, and machine learning at your fingertips.

Learn quickly


Concentric Market® is a do-it-yourself application that guides you through a five-step process. It is easy to use and fast to learn.

Join the boardroom


Since Concentric Market® helps answer the tough business questions, it turns heads quickly in the organization. Once you start generating results, you will get pulled in to the decision-making process. Your ability to respond will bring strategic agility to your company.

We are here to support you


Our technical support team is ready to work with you. Call us any time and we will help you make your data simulation-ready, help you validate your model, or help you socialize your results.

I need to advance my company’s analytics.

I need to manage my brands and products better.