Learn why you can’t spend your way to marketing strategy


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The Concentric Market tool represents a software-enabled revolution in developing your marketing forecasts and strategy. Not limited to mixed media modeling, it also includes the relative impacts of product features, your competitors’ products and promotions, and does so by segment and geography.

Learn how to regain control of your brand through simulation.

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An on-demand recorded webinar explaining where the Marketing Industry is moving, and in particular, how marketing simulation helped many organizations like Toyota and Microsoft with specific use cases.


  • Background & Methodology
  • Demo of a Market Simulation on Concentric Market™
  • Demo on an Automotive Case Study

About the Hosts

Dejan Duzevik
CTO at Concentric


Dejan works towards a World where most unintended consequences happen in a simulation, so we get to a better reality for all, faster. He has years of success as a Scientist at Icosystem applying complexity Science to a variety of industries. He and his team developed the Concentric platform

George Gonzalez-Rivas
VP Sales & Marketing at Concentric


 George has a long track record of consultative software sales, especially related to simulation and process improvement projects. His is the author of “Far From the Factory: Lean for the Information Age” where he reaches into a lifetime of client consulting to illustrate how companies can eliminate the wastes of delays, over-processing, etc, by leveraging modern software tools.

Learn why you can’t spend your way to marketing strategy. 

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